Day 20

Discussion created by Kelly16 on Nov 12, 2018
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Today is day 20 on my quit journey. Tomorrow will mark three weeks without a cigarette. Three freaking weeks guys!!!! Saying that doesn’t sound real. I finished my starter kit of Chantix this weekend, and am now onto another round of 2mg/day. With each day brings a new process to relearn. Every single thing I used to “smoke to” I am replacing with something else. The thoughts still come and eventually, over time, they will lessen. At least this is my hope, as they have already lessened greatly since the start of this journey. My biggest takeaway so far is that I am stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. So far there has not been anything worth breaking my non-smoking streak. Sure, I’ve wanted to plenty of times, but my strength has overpowered the cravings/temptations. I’ve always considered myself strong-willed, but never in terms of quitting. Now I realize that I just didn’t want to. I truly feel that you have to do this when you are ready. Only then will you be able to dedicate all of your strength towards success.


Thanks for listening and your ongoing support.