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Question asked by Gwenivere on Nov 13, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2018 by elvan

As I am doing a gradual quit, I’d love to hear from anyone that went that route.  I’m scared of the patch and I don’t know if that is rational or normal.  I’ll be using 7mg ones with lozenges as back up.  I talked to the quit coaches about when the 8 weeks was up and wouldn’t stopping the patch cause a huge withdrawl as I have been doing in increments of a mg here and there.  All they could tell me was the science of it works.  Yes, I’ll have cravings, but the weeks will give me time to develop ways to manage the cravings if I cut down the lozenges and find other ways to live thru them. 


I admire all you who took the cold plunge, but I’ve weighed my options against a very sad 2 months coming up.  I’d appreciate not being told about it as I have been here a while, read many personal stories and read all the info on addiction.  I’ve also read it isn’t just the nicotine, it’s the additives as well that play a part in this.  My proof was myself when I switched from total smoking to the equivalent in replacements and felt withdrawl.  


On the plus side, I’ve made actual smoking (less than 3 a day now) such a hassle, that it annoys me and it’s so low I’m not liking the rush.   Dissipates too fast.  I can only handle a couple drags and my body says....enough.  I’ve even forgotten times I normally would have some.