A Solitary Quit

Discussion created by MaineCoast on Nov 9, 2018
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Hello all!


I am looking for confidants. I have recently quit, 9 days strong.  I have not let anyone in my life know about it yet.  I have tried to quit about a million times before and let everyone in my life know each time.  Then each time I would relapse and immediately feel like a fool around all of those people I had told. I felt like it had gotten to a point where they were all just being kind but not really believing in me.  Who can blame them? My track record is anything but clean.  Please keep in mind, all of my friends and family are non-smokers.  Also, I guarantee if I did tell them they would be overjoyed for me.  This unwillingness to divulge the information is purely my own issue.  Or is it really an issue? I am struggling with this daily.  Thanks for listening ex community.  It’s nice to know you are here.