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I quit smoking a little over a year ago.

Question asked by Rena0714 on Nov 2, 2018
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I don't feel like myself.  I have difficulty concentrating, focusing, no motivation, irritability, depression, and anxiety. I am often very indecisive. I get stressed out very easily.  I have not smoked for over a year. I used Chantix and wellbutrin to help me quit smoking.  I quit the Chantix after 6 weeks because I was so depressed, crying and on edge. I found out later I should have gone off it gradually instead on just stopping taking it. I am still taking the wellbutrin. I have not gained weight. In fact I have lost at least 10 pounds.


I have quit 2 other times in my life. Each time I quit was for 5 years. The first time was cold turkey and I was in my 20s. The second was with Zyban (wellbutrin) and I was in my 40s.  In gained 10 pounds for ever year I quit smoking. So I would start again to lose weight, which I did. Each of these times the first 3 days were the worst. Then every day it got easier.  I did not have any of the above issues after quitting that I am having this time.


My concern or question is, are these issues I am having, still side affects from the nicotine withdrawal? Even after a year. I just feel like a bundle of nerves so much of the time and I can not do the things I use to enjoy because I can't concentrate. I don't have urges to smoke in the sense that I wish I had one. However, every once in awhile the thought crossed my that I'm missing something and then I think "oh that's right I don't smoke any more."  I have no problem with people smoking around me.  Does not bother me at all.


Is there anyone else that has experienced anything like this? I am looking for help or advise.  I am 62 now and if smoking didn't cost so much, I thought at my age I could out live the chance of getting cancer, or I thought it would make all these feelings go away, I would start again.  However, I don't have those guarantees so, there are no advantages to start again. I didn't go though all the initial withdrawals to throw it all away.


Looking for help or support,