Tomorrow is the big day!

Discussion created by c2008coolio on Nov 1, 2018
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I chose tomorrow as my quit date and I have spent the last month preparing. I have done lots of reading, started a "quit journal" where I have written down lots of coping skills, things to do instead of smoking, health benefits and risks etc... I guess what I am wondering is, what should I expect in the first few days. I know the general stuff such as irritability, cravings, basic with-drawl symptoms, etc...And I have read some blogs on this topic. I was just wondering if there was anything in particular that people have experienced and what they have done about getting through it. Also, any suggestions in general. I have smoked for the last 8 years and have tried many times before to quit and have only managed to get a day or two. I am desperately wanting to stop for good this time for a variety of reasons, (predominately I want to model a healthy lifestyle for my 6 month old girl). I am going to be using the nicotine patch so I am hoping that will help. I guess I am also just looking for some support...I am so terrified I will never be able to quit and I am willing to try anything. The thing that has always kept me smoking is the obsessiveness of it all...I'll get the thought in my head and it feels like the only way to get it out is to go smoke. So any suggestions on getting rid of the obsession would be helpful to. Ok, enough rambling...thanks in advance for any suggestions or support!