Day 8- Trick or Treat?

Discussion created by Kelly16 on Oct 31, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2018 by Daniela-3-11-2016

Happy Halloween everyone.  Day 18 on Chantix, day 8 smoke free. I love Halloween. My husband and I have had a tradition over the last 6 or so years where we watch John Carpenter's Halloween, cook a frozen pizza, have a few beers, hand out candy and eat some ourselves- a wonderful evening. My mental urge to smoke this evening is strong. Chantix is doing a great job with the physicality of it all, but mentally- I really want a cigarette. I know it's a horrible idea, you do not need to tell me the million and one reasons why it's a horrible idea. I can assure you I know and have recited them all to myself in the last hour. And also rest assure that I am not going to smoke, my willpower is too strong. It really seems like a waste of time to crave it all night when I know I'm not going to give in. But I'm very early in my quit journey, so although I know it's a waste of time I'm still going to waste that time thinking about it, at least for a little while, which is what brought me to log in and write this post. It isn't a treat, far from it. It is a mental trick that I'm playing on myself. I will get through it, most likely with the help of far more bite-sized Kit-Kats than my waistline warrants. 
Thanks for listening.