I guess I've started my quit....

Discussion created by Kelly16 on Oct 25, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2018 by minihorses

Hello everyone. I'm on day 12 of Chantix. I haven't had a cigarette since Tuesday at 4:30pm, so I guess today is day 2 of being a non-smoker? Feels so foreign to say that. The Chantix is working so well with managing my cravings. It was hard to choose a quit date because I was so worried of failing and smoking after my quit date would be considered failing. I can be pretty hard on myself. But yesterday I just didn't "need" a cigarette. I wanted one on multiple occasions but was able to fend off the cravings. Today is day 2 and it feels similar to yesterday in terms of managing.  This afternoon will be 48 hours, and I'm excited to hit the 72 hour mark and get this nicotine out of my system. 

Thanks for listening.