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Discussion created by IrishRose on Oct 20, 2018
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I have been having problems with my computer locking up.  Reason:  in the darkness of night, Microsoft downloaded Windows 10 onto my perfectly good computer, which is not compatible with 10, without my permission.  Now, no one will admit to the screw-up.  Microsoft and I have been dealing with this problem all week; Dell told me my computer was old, and I needed a new one.  I am old.  Do I need to be replaced?  Dealing with these two companies all week long have driven me to the point of back-flashing to the days of old when I would handle all of my problems by running outside for breaks to smoke a cancer stick.  Realizing that smoking would not fix my computer, I fought on with Microsoft to reach a solution. 


The end result, I now have my Windows 7 Home Premium on a flash drive.  All the help has stopped short of the actual flash drive I have in my hands to reload Windows 7 back onto my computer.  When I switch back over and try to fix the problem, I will be taking the chance of losing everything stored on my computer.  I did back-up my files with an external hard drive, but I have no idea what is going to happen.  What will work and what will not.  I do not even know what I am doing, because I might mention that I am computer illiterate, but I refuse to pay anyone to "fix" a problem that I did not create, nor do I care to purchase another computer.


So, what do ya all think?  Any advice would be strongly considered, and if you do not hear from me again after 3:00 p.m., this afternoon, you can safely assume that I blew up my only computer.  < sigh >


I will not smoke; I will not smoke; I will not smoke no matter what happens, even though that is how I handled difficult situations in my past life when I was cornered, frustrated and thought that cancer sticks were ok to smoke.  I can safely say that smoking only makes your blood pressure rise, makes you want to have another cancer stick, makes you stink like the bottom of an ash tray, rots your teeth, is a waste of good money, and most important, KILLS people.  Those are just a few reasons for quitting or protecting your quit if you want it to be your forever quit. 


Irish Rose