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Discussion created by Tawny on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by Sandy-9-17-17

Today I am 104 days smoke free!  Feels so great!  I feel so free!  I actually go whole days now when I don't even think about smoking.  Amazing! 


Not overconfident though!  I've quit for a year and a half before and went back to it.  Not raining on my own parade or anything, just checking in with myself and keeping it real.  I know I'm only one cigarette away from being a smoker again.  I was a pack a day plus smoker so this is big for me!  There are still activities that I think about that I can hardly imagine doing without smoking...I also know there are a lot of situations I've not yet faced to test my resolve...


But, nah...ain't gonna do it.    I have to say that one of my very favorite things about being a non-smoker is not having to fret about smelling like smoke.  I don't have to wash my hair every day to get the smoke out...I can re-wear a jacket because it doesn't stink...I can hug someone with abandon...I don't take three steps back when people approach me...we can take my car and I'm not embarrassed because it stinks...   Love that!  I spent so much time worrying about that...constantly chewing gum, washing hands, I don't even know how I found time to enjoy smoking between all the "clean-up" I was doing.


Wishing everyone else a smell-good day today!