This is an odd one I know...

Discussion created by haeley on Jul 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2008 by louise2
So I havent quit yet, Im in the separation stage still and there is one thing I know I will have to do first. I LOVE Sex and the City, I have the DVDs and usually watch them abount once a year in huge marathon sessions. There is always constant smoking in them till about the last season and it never fails that I want one too! I think I will have to watch them all before my quit day and get it out of my system. So I have a good long time before I feel the need to see them again and hopefully have more fortitude by that time! I also watch alot of BBC stuff and the newer things are better with this but alot of the European stuff has alot of smoking too. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like its twofold, you are watching someone (usually sexy or glamorus) look like they are really enjoying a smoke, you are relaxing, unwinding and not involved in anything at the moment and the feeling just consumes you!? Since we havent been able to smoke in a bar in NY for a few years now I think this one will be worse than drinking for me!