Beware Those Tricky Triggers

Discussion created by SoosannahK on Oct 10, 2018
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Something I never considered was the sound of a Zippo being closed. I have 2, they're in a drawer and have been empty for years, needing new flints and long since dried up of fluid. They are special to me and not because they light up smokes. The sentimental value of them is not something I am ready to part with.  I couldn't light 2 twigs in a forest fire with these things so no danger of them ever lighting a cig. I don't have fluid or flints nor do I plan on buying any.


Last night I was watching a show, drifting off to sleep when I heard the click of a Zippo being closed and immediately wanted a cig. My daddy always used a Zippo when he smoked. He quit a few years before he got sick.  This time of year is always hard for me. I lost my dad to leukemia in 2006 just before my birthday and I always think about him a lot this time of year. So he has been on my mind. Thankfully I was too sleepy to pay the thought of wanting much mind. I just found it weird and funny all at the same time. The sound of a Zippo was something I would never have pegged for a trigger. Just further proof we always need to be on guard and prepared for those moments.