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Did I mess up

Question asked by Jimbone on Oct 7, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2018 by elvan

Coming home after a long drive, my 1st since starting my quit. Stopped at party store to pick up a few snacks to watch Sunday football with. A middle age lady was pacing outside the store and she was smoking. Hard. I went into the store, dismissing the seeming discomfort she appeared to be in. Avoided eye contact. Bought my few items and returned to the car. She was still outside, doing the same thing. I could have spoken or looked at her at least and saying nothing, by the time I got home I felt sadness. Don't know what burden she was dealing with in her moments of distress but it's so not like me to at least not acknowledge the person. Perhaps I was just staying safe and minding my own business but the way she was fixing on her habit, our habit, tells me I won't let a potential opportunity to maybe assist by simple inquiry pass again. Maybe I'll get another chance. Maybe I did what I should have. I'm over the depression now, it worked itself out because for now i tossed the incident to our higher power. I'll make eye contact next time if there is one, because that's the real me. If I made mistake, I might never know, but if I'm supposed to share to a stranger about my quit with someone who might have ears to hear, who knows where I, where we can help. It's a gamble. Life is. We want to know. Maybe i was looking away from my own quit battle? We all need to be cosmically positioned to learn to respond. Appropriatly and with focused, practical and effectual timeliness. If we let the Spirit lead we will. I will try. If I ever get another chance