Day One ... again

Discussion created by TexasMoxie on Oct 9, 2018
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I have been a closet smoker for decades.  I've been "quitting" for decades.  I had an old Facebook post show up from 9 years ago that I was starting a quit.  I've started a quit..., I can't even count how often.

I am starting a quit today.  I have learned many things about what works (and what doesn't).  My quit plan (so far)

1. Cleaned out my car yesterday.  Scrubbed the old ashes from the door panel.  Took a damp cloth to the headliner - and it came back black with old smoke.  Gag!  If that's what the car looks like, what could my lungs look like??  Threw away matches, soaked the last cigarette in the pack


2. Signed up on this website.  Part of my plan is to monitor this site and write something if I feel a craving.  Brace yourselves; this could get ugly. :-)  My writing is smoke-free,fat-free, and cheap.  My  writing is not necessarily witty, brilliant, or even coherent.  Just another tool in the tool box.


3. Bought drinking straws.  Some I cut up and pretend to smoke and YES, I do know how stupid it makes me look.  I DON'T CARE.  I have also discovered that drinking from a straw encourages drinking lots of water (good thing) and also substitutes for that smoking motion and habit.


4.  Take the daily pledge.  Taking the pledge works for me.  It reminds me that for just today, I have made a commitment.  I keep my promises.  


I'm going to keep quitting until I am quit.  Period.

Happy trails