To Those Who Are Struggling

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The Key to Stopping Smoking

August 21, 2015 by DrHays   Comments (21)

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(This is part of a response he wrote on his blog above)

"...To those who are struggling in their early recovery, hang in there!  Cigarettes are highly sophisticated drug delivery devices that change the structure of our brains to create addiction.  There are a number of factors that influence how each of us is impacted, but research has shown that regular tobacco use leads to the growth of billions of nicotine receptors (mainly in the reward center). 

While humans can clear nicotine out of our system within 3-5 days, these nicotine receptors, which are largely responsible for withdrawal and cravings, hang around for 6-12 weeks before our brain returns to normal levels.  While I hear you’re having some tough moments, know that each day you remain smoke-free, your brain and body are moving closer and closer to the healthy state at which they were meant to be."