My Buddy Steve And I Went To Lunch At The Beach Yesterday

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and then, a drive along the beach.

      On the way, he was telling me about what he does at the local hospital and the feedback he was getting.

      He plays guitar in the ER area and said the need for opioids goes way down when he plays.

      He said  a study group had been to the hospital and discussed how piped in music doesn't have the same effect and wants to start live music at all ER's.

      I told him I believed live music brought a focus into the area that piped in music never could. Live music tends to capture everyone's focus whereas, piped in music is "expected" and thus, no great change.


I found this link by accident today. 

How Poetry Helps Me Fulfill My Hippocratic Oath 

He plays in the ER area 3 days a week now and the regular family waiting area the other two but, says he may switch to the ER area 5 days a week.