Just put my first pach on @ 9:40a.m. after doing morning thing, but  no cigarettes

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Alot of my morning routine is walking down to my old house, were a German Rottweiler named Mukkwa, that means Little Bear. Co ownes me, and my husband to be(Eric). Little Bear was born on 12/31/06. He is not doing so well, his back legs are giving out.(he was my E.S.A until 2009 when they considered rottweilers a band breed) also at the house there is Foxy Lady, she is a American Rottweiler mix. She found her forever home with us in 2005. She was dropped off at our front door as a puppy in very bad shape. Rock is a Male tabby cat, he was found in a portable toilet, n winter with his eyes still shut. I now live in appartment with a my new E.S.A. his name is Toto Oz. He is a maltipoo, my older sister breeds them.