Education and Stamina  Lead to Happiness

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I came here EVERYDAY for 90 days♥

November 18, 2015 by ♥indingrl♥01♥06♥2011   Comments (4)

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stay close♥educate yourself♥


90 DAYS♥


i was remembering when i first came here. i was welcomed and it was suggested to read and get educated about MY nicotine addiction - not anyone else's. i remember reading all the blogs and thinking gosh i wish i had their YEARS of nicotine freedom♥ they would suggest to me♥keep coming back and to blog blog blog BEFORE i take that first puff over ME♥


i read read read ALL their blogs everyday and HUNG ON TO EVERY WORD OF THEIR EXPERIENCE STRENGTH AND HOPE THEY WERE SHARING♥i also remembering asking when will i be HAPPY♥ i quit smoking♥


TODAY is the day i am really happy i quit smoking and MOST OF ALL STAYED QUIT in Jesus name amen and amen. please take what you like and leave the rest to be helpful is my only aim♥it is the LOVE OF GOD that He has given ME TODAY that just filled ME with excitment to realize i am NOT trying to use nicotine to escape me or my feelings♥ i am NOT using nicotine to cope with people, place,things, situations, life's tests and trials, problems, weight loss and weight gain♥death of family and friends,life on life's terms, losses and gains in my failures and mistakes of being WRONG and ok with admitting i don't have all the answers♥losing old friends and getting new friends♥being grown up inside and outside and being ok with being overweight♥exercising with using nicotine when done♥this list can go on to eternity♥


gosh i really do have a wonderful life in Jesus and God has continued to bless ME with all of you here♥ Thank you ALL WHO LOVED ME ENOUGH TO LET ME BE ME♥in Jesus name♥amen and amen♥