I hate to be miss gloom but...

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Preface: My mother is 89 y.o., lives alone in her home although my sister is in the same subdivision, is very active in their community such as their chorus, barbershop quartet, selling tickets to club events. She still drives, can go grocery shopping, etc. 


Got a call from my mother while I was napping (I am still going through withdrawals and she doesn't know I started smoking again). She called a few times last week but I'm lazy about checking my messages and yes, we still have a landline phone. Those old msg got progressively worse as she was getting more worried and then majorly p***sed.  I called her back last Thursday or Friday..  Today she called and got the answering machine and boy was she p***sed again!   She doesn't seem to remember our conversation last week.  I texted my sister and am hoping for a call or text back from her. I'll call Mom in the morning so I can wait for my sister's response. The smokes are still on the garage workbench and I could give a rat's behind about smoking them. Lord lift me for the merry-go-round of life started spinning too fast.  Can I just get in Swan Boat for a while?