I failed and am ready to quit again!

Discussion created by JAA13 on Sep 25, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by IrishRose

I went on a foreign trip for work in June-July, and I failed.  I completely failed.  I went back to smoking a pack a day again! Horrible!  I have set a new date which is coming up this Saturday.  As it gets nearer, the more anxious I start to feel.  So, I came back here to this beautiful site and am starting the prep again.  For all of you people who have been free from smoking for years, do you feel discouraged when you see people quitting over and over?  I thank all of you for being here and encouraging us "failures".  I know I shouldn't say that because, truthfully, we are NOT failures.  We are winners for making the decision and being here at all.


I just want to do it this time for good, and be one of those people who can say "I quit _ years ago" and "I feel your pain".  Any advice for a smoker/quitter/smoker/repeat quitter?