Update 10/19/18: Horrible news but I won't smoke!

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We found out right before hurricane Florence decided to make landfall on right on top of them, that my father-in-law had pancreatic and colon cancer.  He's having some testing so he doesn't know how bad yet.  He beat colon cancer years ago but you know that it's possible to have it back.  I'm only 12 days quit (again) but I will not pick up a cigarette to 'get' me through it. Ex helped me make it 7 months free and I know that every one of you will help me make it for the rest of my life.   Nothing changes by smoking, which I already knew, but I completely blew that off.  Lesson learned. As for this quit I am not going put a $5 bill in my mouth and light my face fire!  Thank you to all Ex-ers and your loving hands that are always at the ready to hold a hand or lift me up for a little 'crowd surfing'.


UPDATE SO FAR:  OK my FIL (father in-law) went to have a CAT or maybe MRI, hubby didn't remember which, last Friday.  It is cancer but is limited to the pancreas not the colon.  As for the severity or type we don't know yet but hubby will be calling his dad today for an update.  He was supposed to have all the results in yesterday so we didn't want to jump on the phone before he and his wife process the news themselves.  I'm praying hard for them.  I will hopefully post an update later today or tomorrow.  


UPDATE 10/19/2018:  My FIL had his first round of Chemotherapy a couple days ago. He had the usual sickness that comes with chemo for a little over a day but was feeling better yesterday.  He said that the tumors haven't grown very much and a few haven't grown any bigger. Hubby told me yesterday that his sister was coming down from Massachusetts soon, I don't remember when exactly. She hasn't seen or spoken with us in about 25 years for no particular reason other than brothers and sisters rarely call each other.  She also hasn't seen me or our boys since the oldest was around a year old who's 26 now, and has never seen my youngest boy who's 19. My husband is going down for a visit next week(??) and whenever his sister will be there.  I asked if I could go see dad with him and he told me no.  When I asked why he said that his dad wanted to keep this limited to the family.  WTF!??? After being married to his son for 34 years I'm not considered family?  It hurts me that they would treat me as an outsider, although they haven't seen me or the kids in years and they only live a little over an hour away. To be fair his sister's husband isn't coming down either but I don't know the deal with him is but probably for the same reason.  I will respect their wishes and not make any fuss over it.  If that's how his dad wants it he will certainly still have it from me and the boys. Please send prayers  and love their way! Will keep you all updated and thank you for all the love you've already provided.