ok need help

Discussion created by jennifer55 on Jun 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2008 by edith2
The man I am in love with is a non-smoker. He doesnt like that I smoke. Although I am not quitting for him but for my son and my own is reeally tearing me up that I am disappointing him with struggling to quit. Every night he asks how many I had. True yesterday I had more than I should have..kind of crashed and burned but still was trememndously less that what I used to smoke just a few days ago. Last night seeing his disappointment in his eyes when I told him is really bothering me. He said he is proud that I am trying but I could see his eyes telling me he wishes I would try harder. Unfortunately this morning I am dwelling on it and while thinking about that not realizing I am smoking while I am dwelling. I have had 3 cigarettes alreeady in 2 hours and the last few days I had cut back to 8 in a day. GRRRRR. I am thinking to try the patch again hoping I wont have the headaches like last time. But I am also second guessing myself again about how bad do i really want this for I seem to be finding excuses to smoke.