What Is That Smell???

Discussion created by SoosannahK on Sep 17, 2018
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So went out to do the grocery shopping for the week. Stock up on all those yummy goodness stuff. I was chatting with a girl that was stocking in the meat section at Lidl (if you don't have a Lidl in your area, you are MISSING OUT!!) and we were talking chicken prices. And I was thinking, she sure smells nice. All nice and clean. Not a perfume smell, just a clean smell. 

I went about my shopping and the smell stuck with me. I passed her a few more times in the store, so I figure it was that.

Got in my car and continued to smell it. Nice pleasant clean smell. 

Stopped at my other grocery to get a few things Lidl doesn't carry (Yasso bars!!!). Still smelled it. 

I finally realized I was smelling my clothes.  I smelled this all nice and clean smell because my clothes weren't soaking up cigarette smoke anymore.  I didn't realize it when I first got in my car to leave the house because my car has those little smelly vent things and I was smelling those when I left the house because they had heated up in the sun so they were a little overpowering. 


I SMELL GOOD!!! My clothes SMELL GOOD!! 


Just one of the advantages of being smoke free!