Hurricane Florence Check-In

Discussion created by minihorses on Sep 15, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2018 by elvan

  I'm starting this conversation for any members that have internet access now.  Our internet which also includes our home phone, finally came up about an hour ago.  We weathered the storm well.  High wind and gusts to where it was pouring horizontally. It is still very windy and raining. We were out of power (and running water) for about 6 hours yesterday.  We had enough tap water filled jugs for about 4 days so we were good there. No damage to the house, shed, barn, one month new pool. I personally love it when the power goes out.  One of the transformer boxes is beside our driveway and I have figured out that when we lose power I get instantly calm and relaxed. I guess the theory of power lines causing body changes is correct.

  I had to keep my mini in the barn and she was not happy about it but she's so little she would have blown away! We didn't have to bring in the 2 caged ducks like we thought we would. Their sun shade cover helped as a windbreak.  The free range ducks have been through every type of weather so they just go and hunker down.

  Anyone else that can check-in at this time PLEASE POST!