49 days and counting... my experience!

Discussion created by DylanL14 on Sep 15, 2018
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After starting my summer with Lyme disease and feeling hopeless for the full month of July.. I decided to quit smoking July 28 2018 after 15 years and a one pack a day habit. On July 28th, I quit cold turkey!!!

  The first 3 days were all mental -crazy cravings and avoiding all triggers (didn’t drive for 3 days, driving was my time to smoke!!).


After the first week my body fell apart:

      Fatigue, brain fog, constipation, stomach aches, headaches, sore body, horrible heartburn. These withdrawals were not easy to take and caused extreme health anxiety. I thought I was dying daily, couldn’t wear my Apple Watch because I was always checking my heart rate in paranoia. Took over the counter medications as needed and avoided the doctor. I knew this was on me for smoking for 15 years.

      1 month later: all withdrawals began to subside. I still had occasion headaches and stomach aches but nothing like 3 weeks or even a week prior. I began to have the energy to workout again and began to get my energy back. 


   Today: Feeling good!! Breathing is a lot cleaner and deeper. I look for milestones one step at a time.. I’m looking forward to 3 months now and hoping to continue the success! Thank you all!