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 I know Bellegonia blogged on this recently and it got me to thinking.

I have watched so many many on this site struggle with the weight loss thing and the word DIET.  

I dislike the word diet and I choose 'lifestyle' because for me anyway, if I make the choice to eat as I do every single day is a lifestyle.


Personally I have done OMAD for years and continue to and will until I am finished with life. I have no restrictions that are set in gold. I can eat whatever I want. I eat till I am full. I do not count calories. I enjoy special 'eating out occasions' and Holidays just as anyone else would, the only difference is I will possibly do an entire day fast following such an event....but not always, maybe once a month I will fast 24 hours. Thats it. No worries about how to maintain.


I want to tell you all a secret I have learned  and I will also recommend a book or two for you to pick up and read.   When you fast ( and you do overnight when your sleeping) you are buring stored fat. Whenever you eat food , just like when you wake something up. In the case of food...they are called Insulin-Ghrelin and Leptin. Once your body stops burning stored fuel in your body and you eat....these things come into play. It would take to long for me to explain the mechanics on this site but....heres some good reading I just came across thats much more updated on where I started. I started using the CRON method when I quit smoking 4 years ago and have come to find out its more  like what is referred to as the OMAD ( One meal a Day) in this I guess you could say I do both as a lifestyle. I did CRON at that time because since I quit smoking I was looking for something to keep me busy in a healthy way and taking care of this vessel God gave me was number one on my list. Grazing even on veggies several times a day just kept the Insulin-Ghrelin and leptin stimulated. So anyway...if your interested in learning about this...


Out of curiosity, because I like to stay up on things and I love to read. I read a book recently that explains it so completely well and thought of all the newbies here who struggle with weight. This book will help you understand the lifestyle I live.

This is only my suggestion and my story and I know some people will be very opposed to this style. Thats okay. I think fasting has brought me much more good then ever...I never worry about what I am eating and I am fully satisfied, I do not count calories-points or worry about a scale. Thats why I wanted to share this two books with you for anyone who might be interested.


I have seen movies and others books suggested on this site so I am SUGGESTING these


1. Delay Don't Deny - By Gin Stephens

2. The Obesity Code- By Dr. Jason Fung


I noticed theres a bunch of videos on the computer on it as well....all free.

Not wanting to offend anyone here. Others do great on their diet journeys. Diets just don't work for me and I thought I 'd throw this info out anyone who would like to know about it.


CRON-Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition

OMAD-One Meal A Day

IF- Intermittent Fasting

DIET- Never did figure this one out. Its first 3 letters DIE are a red flag to me.


Bottom line~ Do what works for you, this is what works for me