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Yesterday I decided to try a practice quit day.  I also wanted to try out the nicotine patch that I've decided to use in this next quit.  It actually went really well.  The patch did its job which allowed me to really focus on my triggers throughout the day and give more thought to how I would handle them.  Surprisingly, I found getting in my car to drive was one of my bigger triggers and since you're "trapped" in your vehicle you can't walk away.  Hmmmm.  So what do I need in my plan for this?  I decided on keeping a cinammon stick and a full container of water in vehicle at all times.  If anyone reading this has any other suggestions I'm open.  

My 2nd biggest trigger also surprised me which was just before bedtime.  That last hour of quiet time.  Since that's usually in front of the tv smoking and being totally by myself.  I decided I should change this up and read in bed.  So that's in my plan as well. Also open to suggestions here.  I'm pretty nervous about this one.

I've decided to keep the practice quit with nicotine patches going until my quit date. 10-1-18  Then will just use patches after that.  It seems to be helping me really fine tune my quit plan.  And only smoked 1/2 a cigarette all day.