A Turtle crawls to Freedom

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October 30, 2011 by turtle 



Gonna relate to you how pathetic I was leading up to this quit. It was middle of sept and my husband and I were going up north for a fall weekend at our trailer. I was misrable but I thought I  would start feeling better. Sorry gotta back track ,beggining of Sept I started zyban where you get to smoke for the first week then stop. 2 weeks in I was still smoking any way on our weekend up north, I went to the er with a dbl earache and sinus infection. I got antibotics for 10 days, STILL SMOKING, 10 days of antibotics and Im not any better. I go to the clinic get 5 more days of anitbotics. I finish those and low and behold the infection goes into my lungs. STILL SMOKING  and taking the zyban. All this time I'm telling myself I'm gonna quit and going out with my smoke buddies at work. I work at a hospital with no smoking on the grounds at all or you can get written up, so we walk for 10 minutes to the public sidewalk. STILL SMOKING and on the zyban, it's now middle of Oct my husband and I go up north again for a weekend. I have a serious hack and painful broch cough going and Im drinking robatusin like its water, AND STILL SMOKING, my cough is so bad at night I can't sleep and throwing up. I go to the er up north again, they take a chest xray, say my chest is clear but I'm having broch spasms. So now I'm on steriods and pain killers.STILL SMOKING and on the zyban a week later I go to my doctor who since I meet him has told me to quit. I lie again and tell him I'm trying and smoking less.. still hacking painfully he gives me steriods again, an inhaler, and cough sryup. Now I'm in a deppresion cuz this is lasting so long and I'm smoking even MORE, I go outside on our porch and hack as soon as I light up and continue to hack the entire time I'm smoking my cig. After about another week of this I decide this is it, I've been on the zyban for over month and have done nothing to help myself. So on Oct 24 little over a month into this infection I stopped. Its been a relief, I still cough but not half as much and I feel better. You know writting all this done shows just how pathetic I'd become. Sorry for the essey, I hope If you can relate it will help you stay smoke free. God bless everyone.