The Bestest People

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~~A good friend would bail you out of jail.  A best friend would be sitting in the cell next to you saying, "That was sooooo cool!!"~~  Unknown


I've made some friends here.  Some I stay in touch with outside this site, some I keep in contact with here, and some....well....where are they?  Where is @RickM?  Where is @ShawnP?  Where is @BonnieB?  I know people come and go here but they are like...I don't know....foundation bricks of Ex.  I'm missing a few others but I don't know their screen names I can always find them on Facebook but they have been excellent support for the newly quit.


A quit community is only as good as the community itself.  And this community is phenomenal!!  So be open to getting to know people here because these people are the BESTEST people