Raw Honey and Mullein for COPD & Homeopathic Remedies

Discussion created by Bellegonia on Sep 8, 2018
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I have read that raw unprocessed honey can help transport toxins and pollutants out of your lungs and excretes them through your urine. I have also read that Mullein helps to clear phelgm and mucus out of your lungs. I am going to start taking 2 TBs of raw, unfiltered, unprocessed honey a day and I have bought some Mullein drops that I am going to be putting in my coffee and water throughout the day. I have waited until my 14 day QUIT mark (tomorrow) to start this since the celia in your lungs starts to repair and rejuvenate around that time. I've never really had any cough or mucus so I'm hoping that it's because I am not at an advanced stage of emphysema. My pulmonology appt to discuss CT results isn't until October so I have no idea what stage my emphysemic changes are at.

Does anyone else have experience with homeopathic remedies for COPD? A guide to lung excercizes?