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Good morning non smokers and soon to be non smokers  

Had my bronchoscopy and everything came out well. Pulmonary specialist said everything looked clear ' all the way down'.  He even said my lungs were pink , not blackish. I can't imagine they're THAT pink but at least he didn't seem too concerned. What a compliment for someone who smoked for almost 40 years!   Maybe that was his way of flirting---  just teasing .  He injected a saline solution and gave my lungs a 'wash',  that's how he described it.  He did prescribe an inhaler he wants me to use once a day. Spiriva. It's rather pricey even with insurance. He said he prefers that inhaler for previous smokers.  I had a rescue inhaler my primary prescribed but I seldom used it. He told me to throw it away . The results from my breathing tests showed mild COPD and a tiny nodule , which I knew about because of Cat scans. He was not too concerned about it as it hasn't grown in over a year. 

My next procedure is Endoscopy to hopefully figure out why my esophagus is enlarged and thickened.  The request has been put in from my Dr. But no definite date yet. I'm hoping it's because of GERD. He recommended taking a Pepcid before bed each night. 

I swim laps 2-3 days a week and afterwards I would have blood in phlegm when I would cough or clear my throat that day of swimming. At first it was flecks but then became more substantial. This has been happening for months. Main reason for the bronchoscopy. He feels it's coming from my sinuses being so dry -- (I live in dry dusty high desert plus with all the wildfires here in California, the air quality hasn't been the best)---and swimming with all the water and breathing is dislodging irritation from dryness. Hopefully that's all it is and not coming from esophagus. 

Thanks to all that inquired and I'll keep you posted about endoscopy.