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I really hope this question is received with my true intent to get reliable information and not an excuse. I am extremely I'll.

Question asked by Del24 on Sep 7, 2018
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I have been unable to hold down food or most liquids for almost 3 months. The doctors are running a lot of tests mostly looking at my endocrine system. They even did several MRIs and CT scan to look for a pituitary tumor. They have tested my thyroid and adrenal gland but the tests have been inconclusive. My doctor said now is not the best time to try to quit smoking because my body is under a lot of stress already and smoking does ease some of the nausea. She said the most important thing is to try to hold down liquids for now. They have put me on liquid suppliments that are like meal replacement also I have IV treatments but I have still lost 37 pounds since July 2 and have begun loosing muscle mass and strength at an alarming rate. Honestly, I think the doctor doesn't know what to look for next even though there is an oncologist and an endocrinologist working with the team. Is it true that now is not a good time to quit without me feeling like a loser for using that as an excuse? I know this is a no excuse support site but honestly ImI so worried about my health I don't know if I can quit smoking right now anyway. Any advice?