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A dupe of the blog "Problems with the New Site, Please  Post Here."

Just put all your problems with the site either here on in the blog above, so we can have it all in one place for the admins to see.




November 12, 2011 by Marcie  

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now i went to Grammi's page and her blogs are gone.  The last blog it shows is 74 days ago. WTheck??


I emailed her but this is really getting to me. The last blog she wrote was titled "lost". 


I just dont know what to do? 


yaya was just able to get on site tonight and I know there is more missing. still dont know what happened to jonilou. 


Admin was on board with trying to help me figure this out so hopefully soon.


Marcie- 222


still looking for lost friends.... sigh




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actually they are all getting deleted as I type this and she is actively on right now. I think she has given up on this site and it really gets me...


Marcie 29 minutes ago


Oh, honey!  Can someone call her and some of the missing people?  The site should be backed up (well the server that holds all the info)...


MistyDawn 28 minutes ago


i have her email, i finally found it! i emailed her but no response yet. all her blogs are gone now. is it her ? admin? i just dont know. I let things get to me too much.


Marcie 23 minutes ago