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Three Gardening Questions

Question asked by Mandolinrain on Sep 4, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2018 by IrishRose

1. We have a large creek bed to the North side of house. Some of it is more like a ravine. It does come up and meets the end of the mowed yard and theres extensive weeds between the yard and the creek. Since you can't spray for weed control due to EPA and hazards to wildlife I am looking for a way to  find something to plant on the edge. I may try to take a picture and post it later this evening on this post so you can see what I am taking about. its kinda an eyesore and some of the weeds at 4-5 ft. tall. We don't want to put trees on the edge because we love the view of woods on other side


2. Our planting zone is 6a. I am curious to get suggestions for fall garden plants to put in. I have always planted my garlic in October but are there some other things I could plant this late?


3. On the SW side I have a garden shed area and it is pretty much total shade. I have blue hosts there but now that we have extended the driveway, we have another area near it....all shade , that hubby put all this fill dirt around and I don't want to do grass there. Wondering if any suggestions of some sort of fast growing ground cover? I started 3 packasandra plants and I have no clue if I spelled that right, lol. I am thinking about digging up some ferns from our woods over . But I would like a mix of ideas, please


Have the twins today, so I will check in later and see if anyone has any ideas. I will also post a couple pics later of the areas I am talking about. Thanks ahead of time , gonna be a hot one here today. Near 90 . Staying inside with girls and AC