Anxiety worsening

Discussion created by King1961 on Aug 30, 2018
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Hi, I’m brand new to this group. I have finally quit! It’s been 2 months. I had no choice. asthma and copd, made it critical. The bonus, I can breathe again, no more puffers, nebulizers, nothing. I still get short winded during activity, but I’m 57 and overweight. Here’s my issue. I have a history with depression and anxiety. Following my last episode, 2 years ago, I’m still healing and can’t seem to shake either one, but greatly improved, I could function, and felt good at times. Sleep was good, appetite good, just gloomy, quiet and a little depressed. My anxiety was mainly in the morning and kind of managable. I do not work. Early retirement, but I have a small lawn business, about 15 accounts that keep me busy during spring, summer and fall. Winter stinks, although I do volunteer work to keep busy. Fast forward to July 8! Last cigarette. First couple weeks, easy, 21 mg patch, no major issues. Third week in, began waking around 6:30 with butterflies. Normally sleep till 10. Only sleep 8 to 10 a night. Now two weeks into 14 mg patch, my butterflies are intense and I am unable to fall back into a deep sleep. I don’t like it mostly because it makes my mind think I’m headed back to a major depression with anxiety. Scared, to say the least. I take a low dose of both anti depressant and anxiety med for 2 years now. Seemed to keep me going, or at least not doomed. I’m hoping like heck, it’s all part of the withdrawal and will pass. If I was certain of that, I’d be more willing to accept it and feel better about it not being headed for disaster. Thank you for reading all this, maybe I wrote too much, but wanted all the background to be considered into any replies. I have a call into shrink, and am extending 14mg patch 2 weeks to try and level off before step down to 7. Smoking is not an option, never will be. Done for life. Thanks!