Good Morning!

Discussion created by SoosannahK on Aug 24, 2018
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Good morning everyone! Day 2 for me here. Feeling good when I got up this morning. Having a bit of a cough. It feels like Autumn outside and I am loving that.  I am so ready for summer to be over and done with. 


This morning I opened up my "Cigarettes Savings" account and transferred what I normally spend on smokes for the week. It is now set up to automatically transfer every Friday. So there no funds to buy cigarettes. My other money is set aside for other things and I don't steal from Peter to pay Paul. 


Feeling in a cleaning mood this morning, so I am going to wipe down my office really well, vacuum, clean the bathrooms and clean out my car while it is pleasant outside.  Hope to work more on my little embroidery thing and near completion on it. 


Tomorrow I have to go to work. I am kind of dreading that. It is nice when you can stay at home and wrap yourself up with your stuff and your people. You basically know what to expect, life can be as mundane or exciting as you make it at home, but when you leave home to go to work, the grocery, where ever, there is so much unexpected out there and you have no control. And I swear that ER is a time vortex in its self. 15 mins can seem like 3 hours. I am going to hope for the best, take a baggie of candies and avoid the negative Nellies and hide in the bathroom if I have to. 


Hope everyone has a terrific smoke-free day,