Quit Day

Discussion created by SoosannahK on Aug 23, 2018
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Well so far I have survived the 4 hrs that I have been up.  I am learning quickly the difference between a craving and an urge. I haven't had any real cravings, not that makes my skin crawl or makes me want to scream and cry, just all urges. Little lightning quick urges where you go to grab for one and they aren't there. Just a subconscious gesture of something you used to do. I am sure one of these is gonna plow over me like a truck at some point so I am staying on guard. At this point it just feels like I have lost something from time to time. I don't really want one, its just that reflex to grab one that is driving me nuts. I have only had one episode of being irritable and that would have happened anyway because my husband just leaves $%*@ laying around everywhere. This is an ongoing irritation, nothing new to see here. 


It is nice and cool here this morning so I was able to take a steaming bubble bath and not have a heat stroke, I then put on my nice flowy summer shirt. Normally I would sit around in a t shirt and shorts or pj bottoms unless I was going somewhere. I made an effort to get washed and dressed today. I had Cheetos, Cran-grape juice and coffee for breakfast. I am not ashamed. I am sure there is some nutritional value in Cheetos somewhere. I will have a nice lunch and throw some fruit and veggies my way to make up for Cheetos breakfast. 


I started my embroidery kit. I have definitely had some eye sight changes since the last time I did embroidery. Gonna have to pull out the cheaters and find me a bright light. And my satin stitch still sucks. 


So far so good and seeing as how I usually go to bed around 10pm, this day is half over for me


Hope everyone is having a great day!




PS- My diffuser smells like a campfire today   and it takes me 2 hrs to eat a Dum-dum sucker.