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OK, so you're getting together because you want to - or you don't want to but have to.  Either way there are going to be people in your group that you don't get along with.  Never have, never will.  Or perhaps you don't even know, but suspect it will be a rotten time.  Or you're with your family and the majority of them smoke.  And now you're in the process of quitting.  Or, you're meeting an old girlfriend or boyfriend during this time period, or, your least favorite aunt will be there, or the sister who ruined your wedding, or the mother who never cared, or the brother who was never what you wanted him to be or the father who just wouldn't come at all, or the nephew who's never grown up, or the uncle who always treated you like dirt, or....

Doesn't really matter, if you get my drift.  You're gonna be with close relatives either emotionally or with blood lines and there's bound to be some contention.  Whenever familes get togeterh en masse - that's just a given.  So accept it.  And don't let it make you lose your quit.  You know these people.  You know how they're gonna respond.  It should't really be a great surprise.  And you really shouldn't expect anything to change.

What's changed, however, is YOU.  You've become wiser.  You've grown up.  You've decided to take back your life.  YOU have the upper hand with any of these people.   Because unless they've been through it - they haven't a clue.   Don't let them get to you and your quit..  Don't let their emotional influence ruin the beauty of your new strength.  You're just coming out of your chrysalis.  You're vulnerable.  Don't  let 'em get to ya!