Life Updates - 1322 DOF

Discussion created by Summer-Rain on Aug 21, 2018
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Hello Everyone!!!!

Just stopping by to say Hi and to let you know what I've been up to.  It seems like forever since my last post.  I hope all is continuing to protect their quit because there is nothing more important than remaining smoke free.


Guess what? I'm RETIRED!!!  Yes that's right.  I retired June 1st and my son's threw me a huge retirement party. I had friends and family that came from as far as California for the celebration and we had a blast.  Since retiring we have been taking the camper out often to visit a lot of parks.  I plan on being on the road as often as possible.  I'm living life and I hope you all are too.


Continue to protect your quit and to the newbies can do this!!  There will be days when you feel that all you need is just one cig.......don't fall back into the nasty habit of smoking.  Protect you quit at all cost.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!


Take care and this group is always in my mind and heart!


The journey continues