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Stolen from a blog by schneidl 5/30/13


Hey all! Just checking in...
That awful anxiety about quitting those first few days/weeks has disappeared. It has been replaced by this awesome goodness called living :).  I do so much more now.
Please, please stick with it. Those first few weeks will feel like an eternity but time goes so fast. Before you know it, you've got 30 days under your belt and 60...90... etc... The challenge of addiction is there every day especially in the beginning but if you replace those nasty yucky negative feelings of helplessness with something new, something different, you will feel your life change.
Now, I'm not sure everyone undergoes such a major change in perspective when they quit. I have a feeling they do but to me, it blew my mind. Quitting changed my perspective in so many ways. I feel like I can conquer any challenge now. I go slow. I work up to it, but I know it's possible. The world seems sunnier now not all gloom and doom. Not only did the poison that I smoked make me ill physically it made me feel mentally cloudy, it made me sad, and it made me just downright grumpy when I did smoke and when I wanted to smoke and when I couldnt' smoke. It just sucked all the way around. Name me one good thing about smoking...yep, can't do it.
I read the new newbie blogs and I just wanna shout "STICK WITH IT, YOU CAN DO IT AND IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE"!  I know. It is hard to believe and doesn't feel possible when that nicodemon comes knocking but it so is!
I have another 5k set for mid June and another for July. I've decided to train for a 10k. I will run it before my 40th bday. I will do it!
I actually agreed to go ziplining and I can't wait :).
Quit smoking and find your passion because I guarantee your passion does not have to be inhaling nicotine and killing yourself slowly!