What line of BS does your addiction tell you?

Discussion created by SMTP on Aug 18, 2018
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Alone on Saturday night's always triggered me. Started to hear the old voice at about  7pm. Started feel bored and lonely....It said, "I'll just have 2. I can smoke like they do on "House of Cards" and just have one every night or like those movie stars who say they only smoke once in a while. That's the kind of smoker I can occasional, light smoker. It's just easier that way than never smoking at all."  UGG. This is the voice of my addiction. It starts thinking it's Jennifer Aniston or something who can have a glamorous smoke here and there no problem. It feeds me those same lines of BS every time.  So I came to this site and read a bunch of your great blogs. I read some health risk stuff. I drank some water.  I am not going to go buy cigarettes because I am NOT an occasional smoker. If I smoke, I do it every single day and I cannot control it, nor have I ever been able to control it.  (Oh, that was me speaking, not my addiction.) Good nite!