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I nearly blew it, but am still doing well. It turns out I passed my 2 stones but had surgery to get a stent in. They were kind enough to take out before a trip I was going on with my daughter. We went to Salem. Right before we left my dog bit my daughter. She needed 5 stitches. The dog has been taken to a strict training facility for 3 weeks. My daughter will go there 1 day a week to train with her. This was a choice of hers. In the meantime, the department of health was notified.  The hospital has to. They have to come on a visit he said within 10 days, but the dog is gone so .?.? The trip was fun even with stitches. I mean what mother would not have fun on a trip with herself and her daughter? I feel so horrible for my daughter. Bad situation, as we love our daughter so very much and you have that she was hurt, our pet is our family also. She has always been great with the family. Anyways...I vent, but I am still hanging on by a thread.  It has been an emotional fight with myself. Hope you all are having a great smoke free day!