10 days after hospitilization: DX commumnity acquired bacterial pnuemonia

Discussion created by Werdna on Aug 17, 2018
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10 days out of hospital. 17 days no smoking. NRT: 14mg patch and nicotine gum. I am still having horrible cravings especially when I used to start making gourmet dinner and have a drink. I don't really miss the morning cig with coffee. The day before the craving lasted all day. I can't ever go back but that little voice keeps saying "3 a day won't hurt." I know it will. I'll be back to 10 cigs a day again. Have figured out some ways to deal, but when the big urge hits it is so hard. I had been smoking since 16 years old.60 years of smoking!!!!!!!! I need novel ways to help bust that urge.

Thanks in advance.