Quick update

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Aug 12, 2018

First - not smoking.


Second - surgery last Friday was a success. My shoulder should be good to go soon. I start PT tomorrow and am looking forward to pushing it a little bit. The bad news for me, though, is I'm now allergic to Percocet. Thank goodness I could take it when my knee/s were replaced! I don't plan on any surgeries for some time to come (hope!) so probably won't need it, but dang. 


Third - my brain fog is starting to lift and I'm starting to be more like me now. I've started exercising again (I got lax on my walking) and am back on my diet (yes, I call it a diet!). I slept through the night last night for the first time in a week and change; that's a huge bonus. I even went over to a friend's house today. She has folks over to swim and play water volleyball on Sundays. I was their cheerleader from the sidelines. It was good to get out.


Life's getting back to semi-normal around here and it's about time. I've been reading out here some, but not posting. I apologize for my absence. Sometimes a pity party is best celebrated alone.