Looking for the light when you are sitting in the dark.

Discussion created by Mandolinrain on Aug 7, 2018
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Its always there...the light and the dark. For me it is a choice to decide where I want to sit or just 'be'.


I can blame the dark times on nouns of various types but again....if I allow said 'noun' to capture my spirit then I risk staying on the dark. The dark is not a happy place for me. It's scary, its the unknown, it is the shadow of the 'what ifs', it is the self doubt, low esteem, anger, fear, worry, complaincentness, and the list goes on and on.....sometimes it is only one of those things...or a garden variety of a few of them. 


As much as I would love to say I have total control of the light and dark moments in my life. I don't. I cannot control life events. What I can control is how long I will linger/waddle/swim/ponder and such before I choose to start putting my focus on the light.


The light is a happy place. A place of growth, love, compassion, healing, knowledge, its like starting off on a walk on a path full of hope because my attitude changes to that of a positive outlook. Considering Nouns again, as they are in may different shapes and sizes and present differently to us all......I am choosing the light.


If I see darkness arriving I immediately search for the light. Sometimes it has to find me, but that usually because I have waited to long in the dark.


Well, I needed to write this today. I have a lot of things going on but I am optimistic that the light will prevail. I feel very good about it , in fact. I know darkness will at times come and go...but I also know so will the light. I also know I can choose to make that happen more often just by recognizing it, showing gratitude whenever and wherever I can.


I encourage you on your quit journey to search for the light. The moments of the greatest darkness will bring forth the strongest light if you hold tight and strive for the light in all that you are with all of your heart.


I encourage you on your life journey to apply this as well.


There can be no darkness where the light is.


Look for it. Reach for it. Strive for it and even it for someone else who has lost their way in the dark. Be that hope, confidence and love. For what you give out, will come back to you tenfold. It has for me and it will for you too.


Where do you see the light?

Do you look for opportunities full of 'light'?????

Or are you sitting in the dark waiting and hoping for opportunities happen?