Graves Disease (Thyroid) And Holistic Treatment

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      This is a true story. It has nothing to do with smoking, but, since people have mentioned thyroid problems, I thought I would share my experience. 


      My wife was diagnosed with Graves Disease shortly after our daughter was born.

      She drank the radioactive isotope in the hospital and this was the diagnosis by the endocrinologist. She was told she would have to take medicine for her thyroid for 5 years and could not nurse our daughter due to the medication throwing the baby's endocrine system off.


      She felt nursing our daughter was paramount and began immediately researching other treatments.  We were living in Los Angeles at the time and located a holistic center not far from home.


Now here's where it gets interesting.

This holistic center had MD's as practitioners.

What did that mean?

It meant they could do blood work to confirm whether the treatment was working.


      They did accupuncture weekly and did blood work once a month to check for the markers of the Graves disease. Within 6 months the chemicals elevated from the Graves disease returned to normal. She never took one pill and thus, was able to nurse our daughter.


      Western medicine treats symptoms, not necessarily the cause of the symptoms. Eastern medicine treats the cause of the symptoms. Sometimes Western medicine and surgery is the best option.


      If you can find a holistic Dr. who is also an MD, you just might obtain the best of both worlds.