Don't Wait

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~~Every moment matters.~~  Unknown


I learned that the hard way.  We often do.  But ask someone who has just been told "There's nothing more we can do".  Ask someone who just suffered a loss.  Ask someone who is in pain.


Don't wait.  Don't wait for bad news before you decide it's time to quit.  Don't wait for the 'right time'...for the diagnosis...for the loss of breath...before you understand the importance of quitting.


And once you quit, don't wait to celebrate.  Don't wait for entrance into the 'triple digit club'.  Don't wait until you know your quit is solid.  Don't wait for someone to acknowledge it.  Celebrate.


Celebrate that first day!  You will never have to go through day 1 again.

Celebrate that second day!  You are on your way to a lifetime of smoke free living.

Celebrate hell week being over, celebrate double digits, celebrate when you remember you quit smoking no matter how long it's been.




Because every moment matters.  Every positive step you take towards living your best life possible counts.  Every good thing you do for yourself is important.  Because you matter.  Because you deserve to live your best life possible.  And because you are important.


You may not have the money to take yourself on that cruise.  You may not be able to buy yourself something pretty.  But you can take an extra five minutes in bed tomorrow morning.  You can add a little French vanilla into your coffee.  You can eat that cupcake sprinkled with sparkling candies.  You can read that book you've always been meaning to get to.  You can paint your nails or swing on that hammock or climb that tree.


Every moment matters.  Enjoy them.  Celebrate you.  And remember that every moment you are smoke free, you are giving yourself that unreplaceable gift of life.  Celebrate that, my  friends