How to Fail in Three Easy Lessons

Discussion created by Thomas3.20.2010 on Jul 31, 2018
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(1) Hang out in your old smoking places

We have had the habit for Years! So why not? When you get up  - go out on that first smoke of the day balcony, sit in your old smoking chair, put your coffee in the same place and make yourself nuts. By now you'll wonder why you have to be deprived of this small luxury that helps you face another day! But that's OK. Your incredible Willpower will overcome the compulsion. 

(2) Go on smoke breaks to keep your buddies company

After all, why should you give up your old smoking pals just because you quit? Isn't that a bit elitist and stuck up? They may offer you a cigarette but they're just being considerate, right? I know you will have the strength to say No every time, won't you?

(3) Go out with the crowd on Saturday Night and drink away

Logically, alcohol is simply another trigger that has to be confronted. Why should you give up alcohol when you're already giving up Nicotine? Your good friends, even those who smoke, will look out for you, right?

And if that doesn't get you where you really want to go....

Don't forget to keep that emergency pack around just in case things get rough and something awful gives you no option except to smoke. You'll be able to quit again when things get better....

in the grave!