Three Years of Freedom

Discussion created by HealthyOrange on Jul 29, 2018
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Today marks three years of freedom for me.  It all started with reading here and believing that it was possible to quit and most importantly stay quit.  I read Allen Carr's Easy Way several times.  I also had several serial quits leading up to my permanent quit.  I needed to learn that very hard lesson to never have just ONE, that it leads to many more. 


In the early days, I came here to give and receive support.  I honestly couldn't have made it without the kindness and wisdom of friends on this site.  There are some VERY special people here that are unlike any other site or support group that I have found.  I truly TREASURE each and every one of you.  THANK YOU!!


My life hasn't been easy these last three years, but let's face it, it never was easy leading up to quitting either.  I'm still not the perfect me that I would like to be, but I can tell you that I have grown a lot and am closer to the person that I want to be.  I no longer hate myself for smoking, knowing the whole while that it was killing me slowly and would take me from my children early.


Quitting smoking has helped me become a more honest and true version of myself, dealing with feelings that I had run from in the past.  I now have the courage to face these feelings without the mask of smoking which makes me a stronger and more authentic person than ever before.


I am now a role model for my children and other smokers out there wishing to quit.  My quit gives them hope that they too can one day quit and stay quit.  That makes me very happy. 


The occasional craves are still there once and a very seldom while, but they are just a mere passing thought that lasts no longer than a second and easily pass without struggle or temptation being an issue.  YOU can do this too!


I want and deserve to celebrate big, but don't know what I should do to commemorate this milestone.  Any suggestions are welcome.


Love to you all!  xoxo