And she is back...(last time)

Discussion created by Never_again on Jul 28, 2018
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Hello! Glad to be back and see all of those people who quit still going strong! Really want this. Have to have this. Have started my meds. All evidence of smoking gone. Have my substitutes. Staying far away from triggers for awhile. Last time was 6 months ...not long enough. So I may be able to accomplish a bit more   . I have recently .  Found that health issues can be avoided by putting down the smoke from (Duh).  Diagnosed at 19 with IBS. Now onset Chrones. I also have always had horrible daily rebound headaches. They claim smoking triggers both. Not only cause but no help. So here I am again. Bare with me! I have really been reading, researching,  looking into past quit and failure. I can do this. Thanks! Have a great smoke free day! Oh ...I am at 14 hours already