Day 5 begins (and other stuff)

Discussion created by DonnaMarie on Jul 27, 2018
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Day 5 is happening, it really is! 


My cheeks are still a bit tight from clenching (it's just a thing I do without even knowing it) and my breath is something like a dumpster on fire, but overall, I'm good to go. I get a bit antsy about an hour or so after meals, first thing in the morning when I'm having coffee, and any time I step outside with the dog. None of those things are unsurmountable, though. I'm going to eat, I'm going to have coffee, and the dog's going to need to go out whether I smoke or not. Knowing that life is going to happen with or without cigarettes is mighty helpful. It takes a bit of me out of it and helps me get over myself. 


What's helping? Water, walking, my quit smoking rock, my husband, people here, determination, cinnamon flavored toothpicks, and lots of other stuff. Anything that isn't illegal or nicotine tinged is fair game   


Right now, I come here often and try to keep up with others who are in the beginning stages of their quit and learn from the elders who have been at this for a good while. All of your stories and thoughts make my journey just a tad bit easier, and I thank you for that.


Here goes another day of smobriety. Let's do this!